Causes and Treatment for Fungal Rash on Face

Fungal Rash on Face - Causes and treatmentsProblems on the face, whatever it is, can cause serious implications to both kids and adults. Simple skin problems than can occur on the face are usually including mosquito bites, insect bites or also irritation. The causes are various, from contacts with certain animals (mostly insects) and being exposed under the sun.

A more serious condition can occur from fungal infections since it may stay for some time on the face. In some cases, it can also make skin rash and redness that needs specific treatment. The treatment for fungal rash on face varies depending on the stages of seriousness and whether it requires medical care or it can simply handled by applying herbal remedies.

Common Causes of Fungal Rash on Face

In order to understand better the conditions, the causes have to be detected. Terminologies of fungal rash on face are various. Medically, it can be referred as face fungus condition, tinea face or barbae, fungal face infection, face ringworm and facial tinea. Treatment for fungal rash on face will differ from fungal infection on the buttocks, back or chest.

picture of Butterfly rash on face The main cause of rash on the face that is caused by fungal infection is actually the fungi. It usually looks like skin inflammation on any parts of the face (if it happens in female patients) and on the bearded areas (if it happens in male patients)


If the above signs occur, the most effective treatment for fungal rash on face is consulting the dermatologist as soon as possible. Dealing with fungal infection, especially on the face, does require specific treatments. Usually, the dermatologist will write some prescribed medicines containing of anti fungal medications such as antibiotic, and other anti fungal lotions. The prescribed medicines are divided into oral medicine and skin applied cream.

It is also important to avoid make up and other chemical night cream or foundations applied on the facial skin during medication. This is to avoid further infection or possible complications. Keeping hygiene controlled is also a very important aspect to consider during the treatment.

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