Dry Itchy Skin around Eyes and Mouth: Do’s and Don’ts

It must be pretty hard for you to hold your hands from scratching your itchy skin around eyes and mouth, especially if you are on the public area. And the pain does not only come from the itchy skin, but it also comes from other people’s looks.

Dry Skin Around Eye and mouthIt must be embarrassing to see other people staring at you in school or office just because you have a dry itchy skin around eyes and mouth. Well, it feels like you have a gigantic red spot all around your body. And the last thing you want to do is yelling at them just to leave you and your itchy skin alone. Well, hold that thought.

What is that?

Don’t be panic if you have dry itchy skin around eyes and mouth. It can be the indicator that you have eczema or get allergic reaction. The skin breaks out can also be caused by the insect poison. The bumps will be very itchy, and even feels burnt. If you keep scratching it, it will be spread and goes to another area.


  • It is better for you to get home soon
  • Call the doctor
  • Drink plain water as much as possible. When you are not sure what causes the dry itchy skin around your eyes and mouth, it is better to take water to wash away the poison and allergen from your body. And the safest method to do is drinking water.
  • Cover it from the outside world. It will not only help you from getting suspicious look from people, it also protects the dry skin from wind, germs, heat. those three things may make the dry area worse.


  • Putting any lotion to your skin. You don’t know what causes it, so don’t put random insect lotion, anti-fungal lotion, or allergic lotion. It may make the itchy skin worse.
  • Using make up for a while. It could be that you are allergic to your make up substance.
  • Scratching it. it will only make it worse. It may get bleeding and be spread all over your face.
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