Dry Peeling Skin on Palm of Hand: What Causes It?

Dry skin on palm of hand is often manageable and sometimes forgotten, but accompanied with itching, burning, peeling, and redness, can be very annoying. The first thing to do for relieving dry peeling skin on palm of hand is to determine what causes it.

dry peeling skin on palm of hand

Common Causes

Several common causes are responsible for dry peeling skin on palm of hand. Dry air in the winter and frequent hand washing can take moisture off your skin. In severe cases, flaking hands may become sore and red, and even crack and bleed. Lack of air circulation may also cause the condition. For example, wearing thick gloves for a long time, such as work, might resulted in dry, flaking hands.

Replenishing Moisture

If your dry peeling skin on palm of hand is caused by one of the common causes, the best and easiest way to treat it is replenishing the moisture in your palms. Rub the affected area with vitamin E oil to help heal the skin several times a day. After that, finish the treatment by applying hypoallergenic moisturizing lotion. Covering your hands with cotton gloves before bed to let the moisturizer soak in overnight will also help the healing process.

Avoiding Allergens

Other cause that might trigger dry peeling skin on palm of hand is contact with external allergens. Harsh chemicals can affect sensitive skin by causing allergic reactions. If deep moisturizing isn’t able to heal your skin, you may want to switch to natural or hypoallergenic versions of your lotions, hand soap, shampoos, detergents, and other cleaning supplies.

Medical Concerns

Your dry flaking hands may also be a signal of something more serious. Skin conditions such as eczema, ringworm, psoriasis, and staph infections can all develop a symptom of a peeling skin on palms. If you suspected these issues as the culprit, see a doctor immediately because the conditions require medical attention.

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