Natural Remedies to Calm Itching Caused by Skin Rash

Common skin rashes like eczema or allergy reaction can be quite annoying. Not only do they look horrible, but can also feel incredibly itchy. The itching and burning sensation of any types of skin rash can cause you to scratch constantly. This can be tricky, because scratching may cause your skin condition to become worse and prevent the rash to heal.

Reduce Itching by Adding Cider Vinegar to Your Bath WaterTopical Remedies

There are several common ingredients that are easy to find that you can use to help calming the itching on any skin rash.

  • Put some oatmeal into a bottle of evaporated milk and mix it to your bath water. You can also mix 1-2 small bowls of oatmeal with a tub of warm water and bathe in it. Milk works good to relieve itching and is a great moisturizer to keep your skin soft and smooth.
  • A small bowl of baking soda is beneficial to relieve skin itching caused by irritation, bug bites, and other things by mixing it into your warm bath water. Take a soak for 30-60 minutes. For unbearable itching, mix 3 spoons of baking soda with a spoon of water and cover the area with it. But, don’t apply the paste on opened wound.
  • Give lemon juice to the itching area and let it dry. Citrus has anesthetic substance that is effective to calm down itching.
  • Soak in water with drops of peppermint oil. Other than relieve itching, it can also sooth your sore and aching muscles. If the itching area is small, try pouring hot water on pieces of mint leaves and use the water to clean the itching parts. You can also dip clean cloth to the mint water and use it to compress the affected areas. Mint leaves contain menthol that acts as anesthetic and rosmarinic acid as anti-inflammatory that are both easy absorbed to the skin.
  • Two spoons of cider vinegar in your bath water also work to calm out the itching.
  • Olive oil and habbatussauda oil have been known a long time as effective remedies to cure itching. You can consume them or use it as a topical medication. Adding a few drops of these oils into the water for bathing also helps sooth the itching.

aloe vera for skin's health Get Rid Of Itching Wound with Aloe Vera

Itching caused by skin rash can be annoying and causing you to scratch repeatedly. As you scratch, the skin might become thinner and creating scrapes and wounds. This can make the skin rash even worse, because infections may form. Natural ingredients like aloe Vera is proven to help fasten the healing of itching wounds.

Aloe Vera is a unique type of plant because it has so many active biological substances like mannose acetate, polymannans, anthraquinone, and various types of lectins. Aloe Vera also contains about 75 types of beneficial vitamins and minerals, which makes it a favorite ingredient for herbal remedies.

The tropical plants can sooth the skin from burning sensation of sun over-exposure, help restore damaged skin tissue, and stimulate the growth of new cells. So, it is very useful to help cure wounds caused by excessive scratching due to skin rash itching.

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