Steps of Oatmeal Treatment for Skin Rashes

Steps of Oatmeal Treatment for Skin RashSkin rashes are a common skin disease. Many people in the world have experienced and suffered from this disease. To cure it, people have searched for treatments and medications. Nowadays, there are already many treatments and medications for curing skin rashes.

Pharmaceutical companies already produce creams and oral medicine for this skin disease. You can easily buy them in drug store or get it from a doctor. However, these medicines will cost you a lot, while actually there is a simple and cheap way to treat skin rashes. You can use oatmeal. It is easy to find everywhere. So, here are some tips in treating skin rashes with oatmeal.

The Materials Needed


Old-fashioned oatmeal is the main materials you’re going to use. You will also need warm and cold water, and an old pantyhose or socks at least 12 inches long. Make sure that you secure the materials and equipments you are going to use. Wash the socks or pantyhose properly to prevent any bacteria as some fungi can live in these stuffs.

The Process


First, pour 2 cups of oatmeal, at least, into the socks. Old-fashioned oatmeal is better for this treatment, but if you only have the instant one, you still can use it as well. You can also add one teaspoon of dry milk. The milk will help to maintain the moisture of the skin. After that, you need to tie the socks just above the oatmeal level so that the oatmeal and milk won’t leak. Make sure that you still have some length to hold the socks comfortably. To keep all the contents, tie the socks once.

Next, tie the socks in the faucet. Before you turn the water on, set the temperature to lukewarm. Don’t set it too hot because it will dry your skin up. You need to make sure that the temperature is correct. When the water is running, it will look murky because it has mixed with the oatmeal. Then, untie the socks from the faucet and dab it gently to your skin that is affected by the skin rashes. The oatmeal will soothe the skin. Just make sure that you don’t rub the socks on the rashes because it will make the rashes more severe.

The next step is rinsing. Don’t rinse you body with soap because it will cause further irritation and remove any nutrients and moisture from the oatmeal. So, just use cold water to rinse. After rinsing, dry your skin with a clean towel gently. Once again, don’t rub the rashes as it will irritate it more.

Those are the steps of oatmeal treatment for skin rashes. Oatmeal is good for breakfast, but it also has other benefits such as to cure skin rashes. In fact, it is an effective remedy as it can provide enough moisture for your skin and soothe it. Just follow the steps above and you will feel that your rashes are getting better. This can be used to treat jock itch as well.

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