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4 Common Causes of Dry Skin around Nose

Monday, November 11th, 2013:

Dry skin around nose can be irritating as it may sting as well as affecting your appearance. Numbers of factor can be the cause of this skin condition including cold weather, dry heat, blowing the nose frequently, acne treatments, and also rosacea. Dry skin around the nose is usually not a serious health problem and can be treated with a regular moisturizer. Cold Weather and Dry Heat The most common cause of dry skin around nose is cold weather and dry heat. As a person spends time outdoors in cold weather or indoors with the heat turned on, the skin will most likely reacts to the low humidity in the air by drying out. The condition can also be worse if the dry skin is itchy and the person rubs the affected area, causing further irritation. The best way to prevent dry skin around the nose is to cover the […] Read More →

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